We treat your business as a partnership. Fees are transactional, so we don’t make money unless you do.

You provide the content, and we handle encoding and hosting, media delivery, customer notification, marketing, payment processing, support and much more.

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Focused on making an effortless and seamless platform to drive the sales of digital media content, decreasing staff work load allowing them to focus on customer experience while increasing profits and reducing costs.


Done ‘n’ Dusted’s 20+ years involvement in the skydiving industry noticed an unrealized potential of digital media sales. We started looking at options to address these short comings and how they can be corrected. After some extensive market research, we decided on the best way to address these issues.

In 2016 we started working on a combination of software solutions to address the potential sales loss. Media Crypt was born.

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Media Crypt’s secure, durable, highly-scalable cloud infrastructure enables us to quickly and effectively deploy our software solutions anywhere in the world allowing fast media content delivery to any device

Through a simple interface, staff can access customers footage, easily resend media to a different email. Our real-time feedback allows the tracking of emails opened, views, how many downloads, shares and sales, or which videographer’s media is selling plus much more.

Media Crypt can run independently of RunRun Vids. Videos and photos can be uploaded from any source.

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