Media Crypt is free to download.

No start-up costs, monthly or annual fees.

Nothing to purchase. 

100% Transactional fee-based.

Fees are all inclusive of uploads, downloads, storage, payment gateway fees, marketing, social media sharing and customer support.

Instore Purchases 

Pricing starts from $2.50AUD per upload.


We price fees according to your use.


Unlimited uploads, downloads and storage at the industries best price.


Please contact us with your media requirements for detailed pricing.

Online Sale

From 15% of your product sales price and only charged once your product is sold. ($10AUD minimum)

This includes over 12 months of marketing emails and text messages for Birthdays and Christmases.

Media Crypt’s secure payment gateway will directly transfer funds less Media Crypt’s all-inclusive fee to you.

Media Crypt runs independently of RunRunVids.

Videos and photos can be uploaded from any source.

Got any questions or would like to see a demo please contact us