Automatic Editing

 Integrated with Swoopware’s TandemVids time-proven template-based automatic video editor gives you the confidence of producing great videos and photos every time.

Automatic Cloud Delivery

Media Crypt automatically sends branded emails and SMS where customers can watch and download their videos and photos. Customers can also access their media through YOUR website.

Automatic Online Sales

Capture 100% of your customer’s experiences, and we keep selling to those that didn’t purchase in-store. Automatically sends customised marketing, allowing them to buy media packages after the experience.


Save Money

Media Crypt distributes your customer’s media via the cloud within minutes, saving $1000’s on the cost of USB’s.  No more customers waiting for their videos and photos.

Fully automated error-free video and photos processing that delivers the right media to the correct customer every time, reducing staff requirements.

Increase Sales

Customers can now purchase at their convenience via 3 user friendly interfaces, giving you and your staff the confidence to capture and market 100% of your digital media without losing your ability to sell in-store.

We offer a wide range of powerful marketing tools and features to assist with direct marketing campaigns.

Bungee Jumping
Whitewater Rafting

Improved Time Management

Reduce staff requirements with a fully automatic editing, delivery and selling of videos and photos.

Minimizing on-premise pre-selling of digital media enabled by direct marketing allowing staff to focus on customer service and other tasks.

With no customers waiting for the video and photos, front end staff are free to sell media to those that did not purchase their media.

Social Media

Grow from Social Media Exposure

Customers can share directly from their downloads to any social media with one click giving you unlimited brand exposure increasing your potential customer base.

Customers are also encouraged to review your business via any platforms of your choice.

Manta Rays-Diving-Tours

RunRunVids makes your videos while you play!

Media Crypt and RunRunVids have integrated their platforms to create a seamless solution to all your media

Together we are focused on bringing you the smartest easiest to use and most cost-effective platform

TandemVids has been serving the skydiving industry for over 10 years with their tried and tested automated editing platform, use in over 28 countries. You can automatically tailor the best parts to guarantee great footage every time selecting interviews or music when you want and how you want. Not relying on a computer to select what only human’s eyes and ears do best.

MediaCrypt + RunRunVids Integration


  • A fully automated process from start to finish
  • Error free customer processing
  • Guarantee delivery
  • No need to purchase expensive hardware and new cameras
  • Multiple edits for marketing and social media sharing (Coming soon)

Media Crypt can run independently of RunRun Vids. Videos and photos can be uploaded from any source.

Got any questions or would like to see a demo please contact us