Save Time and Money

Save time and money!

Your customers can find their video and photos on YOUR web page and are also sent customised emails and SMS texts reminders and notifications automatically. Allowing customers to download or purchase at their convenience.

Guarantee delivery of your media every time.

Your customers will never know they have left your website.

Staff will still be able to sell products at any time. Media Crypt’s distribution and marketing capabilities give the confidence to capture 100% of your digital media and realise revenue potential. Reducing “forced selling” issues, thus limiting negative responses occupying valuable staff time.

You only have to capture customers details once. Media Crypt will do the rest, allowing editing staff to be available to assist elsewhere in your operations.

Never mix up SD cards and customers media again.

Media Crypt can run independently of RunRun Vids. Videos and photos can be uploaded from any source.

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